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(65-130ft) Condenser Wireless Lavalier Lapel Microphone with Rechargeable Receiver and 1/8" Plug

Manufacturer: Bietrun
SKU: Bietrun-PM-3
Bietrun Wireless Lavalier Microphone for iPhone/Android/Camera, UHF 65-130ft Range, Rechargeable Portable Wireless Lapel Mic System for Video Recording, Voice, Youtube, Vlogging, Tiktok, Interview
  • Easy To Use, No Need To Pair: ?turn on RX and TX power switches, Wait until the RX and TX blue lights stop flashing, Keep the blue light on and then you can use it. ?When this is microphone no sound, please re-pair according to the instruction manual, then you can use. ?If you need to connect to MAC or other PC, you need Additional purchase a USB to 3.5mm TRRS converter (search on Amazon: B08NWQLWC3).
  • Max 130 feet UHF Wireless Adjustable channel Microphone: Use high sensitivity Condenser microphone, Wireless distance 65-130 feet (20-40M) ?Signal stability?No delay?No radiation ?Anti-howling ?Anti-jamming. ?25 UHF adjustable channels. When interference or noise occurs, please press and hold the “—” of the transmitter until the blue light flashes quickly to switch channels.
  • Wide Compatibility: The Receiver Originally Has1/8" TRRS Plug Works With iphone, ipad, Android phones, DSLR Camera. ?Please Use Genuine Conversion Cables: Usb-C To 3.5mm/Lightning To 3.5mm Cable (Not Included In The Package), Otherwise, No Sound. ?For Android phones, due to system version issues, Android phones must use a third-party APP to use the microphone for audio and video recording. (?Not compatible Amplifier, Speakers, Bluetooth Speaker and MacBook?)
  • Charge and Work Time : The Transmitter and Receiver are built-in 400 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that can offer about 6 hours working time. ?USB cable has two Micro USB v2.0 for charge for the transmitter and receiver at the same time, fully charge is only 2.5 hours.The red light is on during charging and goes off when fully charged.
  • 1 Year Warranty: ?We Offers 1-Year Warranty And Free Replacement Service, If You Have Any Question, Please Contact Us Anytime. ?What if i can't pair or not sound: ?1.Turn Off The Receiver And Transmitter,? 2.Turn On The Transmitter(Microphone), Long Press “+ ” To Blue Light Flash ?3.Turn On The Receiver And Wait For The Connection ?4.The Blue Lights Of The Transmitter And Receiver Stop Flashing, The Connection Is OK.
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Works great when I have the volume set properly
This remote microphone is awesome when I have the levels set properly. And setting the levels is tricky because it's controlled by plus/minus buttons and there's no indicator of the volume level. So you have to guess or run a test to see if it's at a good level. It needs a way to see what volume is working and to know when you are there so you can get consistently good results. I had to toss a whole lot of my videos because the sound was too low. Pros: It is small and light weight so comfortable and easy to wear for movement videos. It's easy to set up and connect the remote microphone to work in conjunction with my iPhone video function. The sound is great when the volume is set correctly. I would be super enthusiastic about it if I could control the volume more accurately.
Mike | 9/24/2021 3:32 AM
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Solves many problems -- good value!
We switched over to webcasting classes from our yoga studio during this pandemic.
The studio is big room with all hard surfaces, and with no bodies there to absorb the sound, lots of echo from the walls and floors.
We broadcast via Facebook Live from an Android smartphone on a tripod about 12 feet from the instructor.
So we needed -- a wireless microphone with a tight audio radius ** that could be plugged into the smartphone's earphone jack ** (Why? because facebook live will not recognize a bluetooth microphone, only one plugged into the earphone jack)
So if you have these or similar problems -- WOW this microphone RULES!
No set up -- Turn on the mike and receiver and they pair automatically.
Just click the receiver into the Smartphone earphone jack and you are ready to 'pairing' with phone.
Decent audio (see more on that below)
Decent range (works fine for us from 15-20 feet, more than we need)

I'd like to address some of the objections raised by other reviewers.
Sound Quality.
Decent, but you need to be aware of
1) It has a VERY FOCUSED audio field. Keep the mike aimed STRAIGHT UP at your face from about 6-10 inches. Sound quality goes down significantly the more you vary from this.
2) The transmitter volume can be adjusted, and that changes the quality. The transmitter powers up at volumen level 8. The higher the volume level the uglier the sound -- especially you hear lots of silibance with "S" sounds, etc. We found clicking the volume down 2 clicks (level 6) made the audio much more pleasant, while still very audible.

However this is not a GREAT microphone for audio. You can buy a much better WIRED mike for the same money.

But I don't think you can get ANYTHING comparable in an non-bluetooth WIRELESS mike in this price range. Does the job of letting talk AND move around, and it does that just fine.

Second item: Pairing. The written instructions describe a method for pairing UNPAIRED transmitter and receiver. A little confusing to read, and probably to get working. HOWEVER, THIS UNIT CAME TOTALLY PAIRED AND READY OUT OF THE BOX. I think the people describing pairing difficulties may have been confused that things were already ready to go.

NOTE: I tested this with different make ANDROID phones only. Everything work perfectly.
Sarah | 9/24/2021 3:12 AM
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Good present for my sister
My sister does a lot of recording and she needed one and this is definitely a good budget option. Its not your hundred dollar mics but its not half bad.
Tim | 9/16/2021 5:44 AM
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