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(160ft)Wireless Headset Mic and Handheld Mic 2 in 1 with 1/8''&1/4'' Plug

Manufacturer: Bietrun
SKU: Bietrun-PM-8
Bietrun Wireless Microphone Headset, 160 ft Range, UHF Wireless Headset Mic, Headset Mic&Handheld Mic 2 in 1, 1/8''&1/4'' Output, for Mic Speakers, Amplifier, PA System(Incompatible Phone, Laptop)

  • Wireless microphone headset system: [???Only For Mic Jack, Not Aux Jack, Otherwise No Sound???]?Built-In High Sensitivity Condenser Microphone, Transmission Distance Upgrade To 160 Feet (50m) ?Signal Stability?No Delay?No Radiation ?Anti-Howling ?Anti-Jamming ?Constant Frequency ?Clearer Sound Quality. Compatible Voice Amplifiers, Multimedia.It Is A Portable Karaoke Equipment.(Excludes Amp&Not Supported Iphone, Bluetooth Speaker, Pc And Laptop)???Fcc Id Obtained By Fcc Test???
  • Easy to use: Please Turn On The Transmitter And Receiver Power Switches, The Blue Light Will Flash For Approximately 2s, Indicator Light Stops Flashing After A Successful Match, And Then You Can Use It,No Further Action.?Headset And Handheld Is 2 In 1 Design, Easily Change The Handheld Mode To Headset Mode To Meet Your Needs.Not Supported Android Phones, Iphones, Macbooks, Laptop, Bluetooth Speaker.
  • Charge and work of wireless microphones: ?The Transmitter And Receiver Are Built-In 400 Mah Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Batteries That Can Offer About 6 Hours Working Time. ?Usb Cable Has Two Micro Usb V2.0 To Charge For The Transmitter And Receiver At The Same Time, Fully Charge Is Only 2.5 Hours.?Perfect Application: ?The Plug On The Receiver Is 3.5mm. For 6.35mm Amplifiers,Please Use The Additional 6.35mm Adapter(Included)To Connect More Equipments.
  • Use multiple wireless microphone at the same time: Please Refer To The User Manual To Channel Switching( Max 15 Channel ) In (?Part 4 Advanced Operations To 4.2 Note B,Page 8) Otherwise There Maybe Noise Or No Sound. Use Up To 15 Microphone Headset At The Same Time. Built-In Cardioid Polar Pattern Condenser Microphone,Widely Applied To Conference,Speech, Web Podcast,Youtube, Google , Outdoor Live, Yoga Instructor, Voice Amplifier, Dancing Instructor, Promotion, Game Etc.
  • What if i can't pair or no sound: ?1.Turn Off The Receiver And Transmitter,? 2.Turn On The Transmitter(Handheld Microphone), Blue Light Is On, Long Press “+ ” To Blue Light Flash ?3.Turn On The Receiver And Wait For The Connection ?4.The Blue Lights Of The Transmitter And Receiver Stop Flashing, The Connection Is Successful.?We Offers 1-Year Warranty And Free Replacement Service, If You Have Any Question, Please Contact Us Anytime.
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So far, a great bargain
While most of the reviews I read mentioned using this for training classes etc - spoken word instead of singing - I bought it to use to sing thru, with my battery powered amp. Let's start with the obvious: Can a $30 wireless headset mic work at all, and will it sound acceptable? YES. I had to give only 3 stars for sound quality since it would be miraculous for this mic to be anything but what it is - a very cheap midrange-heavy mic. However with the addition of a $25 7-band EQ pedal (also battery operated) a decent sound can be obtained for singing by cutting the midrange. This gives me a truly portable rig for busking, instant auditions, capturing song videos down by the river etc. (I should mention that I'm 70, I don't busk - yet!).

I haven't had the opportunity to use it out in the world yet and have no idea what reliability might be but I've had numerous similar devices that last quite well. The headset volume control enables me to lower or mute the mic if I have to get close to the amp (or PA) for adjustments.

For $10 more they make a more complicated rig that requires the headset mic to be cabled to a belt-clipped transmitter, and I strongly suspect it's the same actual mic. I like keeping it truly wireless. All in all, seems like a crazy bargain so far.
Branden | 9/24/2021 3:01 AM
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Best Mic for the price!! I bought 2 ????
Love this Mic so much. I teach a cardio fitness class at a large gym. The gym has high quality pricey sound systems, however too many times the mics are not working and I’ve been left loosing my voice yelling trying to give instruction during classes. I’ve wanted to purchase a mic as a backup for a long time. Came across this one and gave it a try. OMG, I love everything about this Mic; the sound, easy set up, comfortable and light weight. I keep it in my gym bag and use it often as a back up. I bought 2 and told all my fellow instructors, who also purchased it. At $27, you can’t go wrong. ????????
Jenney | 9/24/2021 2:54 AM
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Easy to use and simple to set up.
As I used the microphone I needed to adjust it to fit my head correctly, which may happen to anyone that will use the microphone. This adjustment will vary from user to user.
Paring the device was pretty simple, I put the receiver in the port marked “heard phones”, on my computer, I turned on the transmitter and the light was blinking.
The blinking blue light will stay on once it is paired. If you push the minus buttons multiple times, you can pair up to 17 devices;
To do this you just push the (-)minus button on the transmitter, once, twice, three times up to 17 times, for the amount of devices you want can pair. I have not done this because I have no other devices to pair to it.

The volume or sound comes from how close the microphone is to your mouth, and by physically adjusting the microphone boom, this will make your recording louder or softer; it took me a couple of times to get the boom adjusted so that I could hear a good recording according to my preference of how I record stuff.

You can take the boom off the transmitter, and use it as a regular microphone, if you choose. This product comes with a USB charging cord, which has two, ends so that you can charge two devices at once, which is a nice feature.
You can also use it if you have a stereo receiver, because it has a stereo adapter which it comes with; for those who want to use it with their stereo or other devices that can utilize the adapter.

The downside of this product is once you record something, you have to take off the headset and put on some headphones, to listen to your recording, and also found out the it would not work with my cell phone, because the adapter on the transmitter was not set up to work with those devices.

I found the microphone had good sound, and was simple to set up and work with; and the recording quality was good, and there was very little feedback from the microphone. My recordings were nice and clear.
For an inexpensive microphone, and its features that it comes with, this would be a good choice for the casual everyday user.
Jessie | 9/17/2021 4:17 AM
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No Wonder It's Amazon's Choice!
This microphone is absolutely amazing! It's clear, lightweight, and has an amazing battery life. I absolutely love this mic! It's earned it's the selected Amazon choice
My only gripe is that you can hear it moving if you do intensive activity like dancing.
MalakJoe | 9/16/2021 4:19 AM
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