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(160ft) Mint Blue Household Metal Dual UHF Cordless Dynamic Handheld Mic System with Echo/Treble/bass&Bluetooth

Manufacturer: Bietrun
SKU: Bietrun-WKM-7
Bietrun Wireless Microphone with Adjustable Echo/Treble/Bass with Bluetooth, 160 ft Range, Metal Dual Dynamic Handheld Mic System, 1/8''&1/4''Output, for Home Karaoke, Party, Church, DJ, Wedding, KTV
  • Uhf Wireless Karaoke Microphone System: The Microphone Connection Distance Is About 160feet (50m). Bluetooth 4.2 Connection Distance Is 10m. ?Signal Stability?No Delay?Anti-Howling ?Anti-Jamming ?Constant Frequency ?Clearer Sound Quality. ?Bluetooth Mode Is Passively Accepted And Cannot Actively Connect To Other Bluetooth Devices. If interference occurs, please open the back cover of the microphone handle and switch channels.?Not Supported Tv And Bluetooth Speakers.
  • Wireless Microphone System With Treble/Bass/Echo : The Wireless Microphone Machine Has A Treble, Bass, Echo Control Knob, So You Can Choose Different Microphone Sound Effects According To Different Songs, You Will Look Like A Shining Star When You Singing. This Wireless Microphone System Has Bluetooth Function, You Can Use Your Phone To Connect To It Via Bluetooth( Bietrun 06) To Play Your Favorite Music. Please Not Using Rechargeable Batteries.
  • Easy To Use: Plug And Play. ?Each Microphone Ues 2 Aa Batteries (Not Included), Please Using Amazon Alkaline Aa Batteries For Longer Karaoke Time. ?Connect the 6.35/3.5mm cable to the“OUTPUT”, connect the other side to Amplifiers, Speakers, Guitar Speaker, Iphone, Tv Boxes, Computers, Multi-Media Equipment, Laptop, Etc.The Wireless Microphone Receiver Has A Ul-Certified Plug, Has 3w Power, Very Safe, Or Use Power Bank (5v-1a) Supply Power.
  • Multi-Function Wireless Microphone: There Has Multiple Cables Of Different Specifications To Connect Multiple Media Devices In The Package Set.E.G: Iphone, Tv Boxes, Computers, Amplifiers, Speakers, Multi-Media Equipment, Laptop, Guitar Speaker Etc. For Karaoke, Family Parties, Singing, Youtube, Live, Tiktok, Speech Contest, Conference, Church, Wedding Host, Car Audio System, Dome Room Audio System, Etc. Please Refer To The User Manual Before Connecting The Device.
  • Packing List And 1-Year Warranty: Bietrun Offers 1-Year Warranty And Free Replacement Service, If You Have Any Question, Please Contact Us Anytime. Packing List: 2*Rca Cable, 1*1/4'' Cable, 1*Ul Certification Adapter, 1* Singer, 2* Microphone, 1*Usb Cable, 2* Microphone Protector. Please Note: Please Put On The Battery Correctly. Receiver Size: 8.3 * 4.5 * 2 Inch.
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Many source options (even Bluetooth), and highly adjustable sound...??
We recently decided that we needed another indoor activity for cold, rainy days, etc. We love to sing, so a karaoke machine was an easy choice. After comparing a few options, we decided that this one seemed like the best system in our price range. We wanted a quality machine that would last and have really good sound.
This system was easy to set up and is very easy to use. Basically, you just plug everything in where it belongs, turn it on, and you are good to go. Connecting the wireless microphones couldn’t be more simple. I literally just inserted the batteries and turned them on. They connected immediately. We have had no problems with feedback, lagging, interference, or crackling when using them. I can literally sing into both of them simultaneously with no interference at all, even when I touch the two microphones together.
We use my phone as the music source, connecting via Bluetooth. The output is through the included RCA cable connected to our sound bar. The sound is highly adjustable… You can change the treble, bass, and even add an echo effect. The sound quality is really good once you get the settings just how you like them.
I am so glad that we chose a system that doesn’t remove the words from the music. I love singing the harmony along with the artists (I can also follow along when I forget the words, and jump back in when I’m ready). We really couldn’t be happier with this karaoke machine. We have already had many entertaining evenings, and are looking forward to many more.
Jessie | 9/17/2021 4:25 AM
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affordable wireless mic with built in mixer
This is the first wireless microphone that has built-in mixer that I've ever seen and purchased. I was skeptical at first because it looks so small compare to my existing mixer unit, which is a full on unit by itself that weights over 5 lbs. Upon plugging this machine to my amplifier to test it out, the mixer quality is almost as good as my existing unit (which cover over $200, but this whole set with 2 wireless microphone only cost half of that). Even though it's pretty compact, it still has enough controls for each microphone along with ECHO controls, which is a much needed feature for karaoke. It also has trebble/bass control and music input level controls so we can adjust the music and our vocal balance. It's missing key control (which is used to make the song goes higher or lower in pitch), however that feature isn't as important nowaday that we use youtube for our media source and we can find male or female version of a song easily. The microphone has good range and pick up and produces good vocal and it mixes well with the music source. I don't get lot of feedbacks from the microphone unless directly pointing them to the speakers, which is very good for something at this price point. Another interesting thing about this is that the unit is powered using microUSB port, which means it can be portable and be powered using a power bank, no need for those big and easy AC power adapter. That's a great idea in my opinion which would allow this to be portable.
WinWin | 9/17/2021 3:08 AM
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